We’re pleased to share some of our vision therapy success stories with you. Here are testimonials from some of our satisfied patients who have completed the In-Sight Vision Therapy program:

Video Testimonials

Jay A.

“I’m in awe of Dr. Baker, Bellevue’s ace optometrist, Candace, my beloved vision therapist, and everyone at Overlake Family Vision for aiding the restoration of my vision, helping me regain my cognitive abilities, balance and spatial awareness. I can’t overstate their importance in helping me heal my traumatic brain injury after getting hit by an SUV.

Before the accident I’d always had perfect vision, but as I was afflicted with Post Concussion Syndrome I absolutely lost the ability to function in any meaningful capacity. The headaches and prevailing symptoms turned my life into a long painful, sleepless, confusing, dizzy nightmare void of short term memory and much linear thought. I could no longer read, look at screens, was extremely photosensitive, and my ears rang constantly.

My Neurologist and Speech Therapist having dealt with brain injuries before where adamant that I needed to get to an Optometrist as soon as possible and would most likely need to undergo Vision Therapy. I count my blessings that I was able to find Dr. Baker and have her take me on as a patient. When you talk about someone that truly cares, you simply can’t rank her any higher. She takes such pride in her work and revels in the success of seeing her patients look at the world anew.

For me, due to all of her and Candace’s hard work and positive reinforcement I was able to largely heal my injury as my neuroplasticity repaired itself and have surpassed all of my doctors and therapists expectations. I no longer have ringing in my ears, have regained my equilibrium, can read for hours on end again, watch basketball and am no longer racked with anxiety from not seeing, filtering, and processing the world correctly. Not many people understand the correlation between TBIs and Vision Therapy, but they do at Overlake!

I truly feel that I was treated as family and although I went through a very rough time physically for awhile, I count my time at Overlake Family Vision as one of the most eye opening and rewarding experiences of my life. Dr. Baker is a vision alchemist. It still boggles my mind she was able to take away my dizziness by applying scotch tape to the inside of my glasses!”

Jamie M. AGE 18

“I used to dread reading because my eyes would hurt and I would feel tired and drained and want to go to sleep. But then I went to the eye doctor and began eye therapy. In a very short time I was able to read for longer periods of time and was ready to run around after finishing the book instead of heading off to my bed for a nap. I also used to get headaches whenever I’d read. Now, I don’t get them anymore because my eye muscles have been strengthened and don’t have to work as hard.”

Hunter P. AGE 9

“Vision therapy helped me do well in sports. It helped me read better. I don’t have headaches anymore. I do not get sleepy. I finish my work at school faster. I don’t have to stay in at recess. My eyes do not get tired. Vision therapy did well.”

Erin K. AGE 28

“I have always struggled to read and retain information that I have read. I was the slowest reader in my classes and felt uncomfortable with discussions and tests because I could not remember the content. Studying in college took me hours longer than my friends. I assumed I just was not a visual learner. I got my eyes checked by Dr. Mary Baker while in my masters program and discovered that I had focusing, tracking, and convergence problems. I started doing vision therapy at home every night. The first week was a struggle because my eyes would be exhausted after every lesson. They adjusted fast and after a few weeks, I noticed that reading textbooks was easier and I was retaining information after reading a paragraph only once. Studying was getting easier and quicker with increased retention. I am so glad I came to see Dr. Mary Baker and have my problem diagnosed the treated. At my last check with Dr. Baker, my tracking difficulties are gone and both my eyes are working together efficiently to focus on the page on whiteboard. Thank you Mary!”

Jay H. AGE 9

“What I got from vision therapy was accomplishing a goal which was baseball. Before I couldn’t hit or catch the ball like everyone else could. I am better at catching and I can also hit now. I did not improve on hand writing though.”

Madison C. AGE 9

“I can finish work at school faster and it’s better. My writing is neater. My reading has improved. My eyes don’t jump around between lines. I can finish my homework faster. I don’t have to re-read things.”

Sophia L. AGE 10

“My reading has improved and I like to read more now. Before, the words were fuzzy and it made it hard to read. It’s better now. I liked to do the eye therapy on the computer most of the time.”

David D. AGE 11

“It has helped me to concentrate. It is easier to read now. Dr. Baker was fun and nice.”

Katie R. AGE 17

“Through out vision therapy, I feel that I improved a lot in understanding what I have read. I also feel that I am able to concentrate more on studying and reading, which has significantly helped me with my learning. I also feel that I am able to read faster without getting stomach aches and hurting eyes. Another thing that I have improved in through therapy is my memory, which is a skill I hope to improve on even further but I do feel that I have a very good start on, and I am planning to continue to use my new skills to improve even further.”

Serena M. AGE 8

“Vision therapy helped me read, do math and a lot of things. It was fun to help my eyes out and check to see if they were getting better. I like vision therapy. Put your kid into vision therapy and see how your kid’s eyes can get better. Thanks Mary Baker!”

Karli M. AGE 14

“Before I started vision therapy, I had a hard time seeing things properly. When I would read, I would always see the words move. But after a few weeks, I noticed when I was reading, the words would stay still. Doing vision therapy also helped me in softball. My eye movements are faster so I can see the ball by using my side vision. Thanks to Dr. Baker and hard work, I have improved in school and in sports.”

We often do free seminars on vision and learning for educators, healthcare providers, parents and any other interested groups. For more information, please call our office.