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SHO EYEWORKS derives its name and inspiration from the word shokunin. As the shokunin, or Japanese artisans, utilize their honed technical skills for the benefit of society, SHO EYEWORKS applies their expertise and experience to develop quality eyewear. The social obligation to better society, a principal belief of the shokunin, inspires us at SHO EYEWORKS to ensure each of its products improves both the quality and lifestyle of each wearer.



“Quality-Products & Great-Service!” SHO EYEWORKS is an independent eyewear company that crafts and distributes premium eyewear with both the retailer and the eyeglass wearer in mind. We seek to partner with select retailers that pride themselves on providing quality eyewear at all price-ranges and, even more importantly, impeccable service. Ultimately, the key to our success has been the relationships we’ve developed with our retailers and the premium we place on service. Our retailers are an integral part of our team. Inspired by the shokunin spirit, our focus is to serve the needs of our retailers who in turn care for and serve the needs of the consumer.

While striving to deliver value through quality products and great service, we find ourselves more closely attuned to the market, more dynamically competitive, and more readily prepared for collaborative success. We achieve this by placing customer-service at the core of everything we do.



This is a collaborative collection with partners in Europe, North America, and Asia. We strive to balance our design to accommodate a range of potential eyeglass wearers. We combine classic and modern styles, implementing clean and subtle detail and color. We deliver price-conscious value, simple function for easy comfort and adjustability, while placing a premium on quality utilizing high-level techniques and leading edge technology.

Collections: SHO EYEWORKS, Classics by SHO, SLIM, & (ALIGN 100% Made in Japan).



Sho has built up bridges allowing for Asians to be able to get the fashionable plastic frames and fit comfortably without slipping.


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Tom Ford

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. The winner of numerous design awards, his rise in fashion began in 1994, when he became creative director of Gucci. Not only did he dramatically change the image of the legendary fashion house, he also led the company to unprecedented success with his visionary insight into what the modern consumer desires. His innovative and provocative designs set the tone for an entirely new direction in the world of luxury goods.

In April 2005, one year after leaving Gucci Group, he announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand. A beauty and eyewear collection launched in 2005 and 2006.
In February 2011, the TOM FORD Women’s wear Collection was introduced to clients worldwide. A potent vision of modern, feminine glamour, its exquisitely constructed and beautifully finished suiting, daywear, and eveningwear allow women of all ages to amplify their individuality and present their most glamorous selves to the world.


Maui use w MJ Descriptions



Maui is one of the lushest, most vibrant places on earth. Yet its intense sunlight creates conditions that hide the beauty of the island. That’s why PolarizedPlus2® technology goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV to reveal and enhance the world’s true vivid colors in detail.


We fuse our premium polarizing film into the lens itself. The result is superior precision, absolute clarity, and a near complete elimination of glare reflected from any flat, smooth or shiny surface.

PolarizedPlus2 delivers the highest level of efficiency in blocking horizontal glare. Known as the most common glare, horizontal glare reflects from any flat, smooth or shiny surface. Colors are introduced in the premium polarization film, and the polarization axis never changes, which allows your eyes to view unmatched color, superior precision, which allows your eyes to view unmatched color, superior precision and elimination of glare.


CLARITY SHATTER RESISTANCE “ST” SuperThin Glass provides the absolute crispest optics available. 20% thinner and lighter than standard glass, it offers the best scratch and solvent resistance.


MauiPure® is our most popular plano lens material. It combines optics almost as crisp as SuperThin Glass with ultra light weight and excellent scratch and shatter resistance.


Maui Evolution® leverages the best properties of SuperThin Glass and polycarbonate to create a high index, lightweight, scratch and impact resistant material.


Polycarbonate is designed to offer outstanding shatter resistance and good optics. It’s an excellent choice for fast paced activities when durability and weight are a priority.


Local eye doctor volunteers in El Salvador



Dr Baker in El Salvador

Dr. Baker went with a group of volunteers to El Salvador, September 19-27. The team worked in Tamanique, a small community in the hills of El Salvador, to help give the gift of sight to those who would otherwise never have a pair of glasses. In the group who went on this mission, there were members of the Bellingham Central Lions Club, Lacey Sunrise Lions Club, NW Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center, some pre-optometry students and a few others along with myself who were invited to come along to assist on this trip. The locals traveled very far to our vision clinic that was set up in a modest community center. They saw 471 patients over 31/2 days, treating eye disease and giving out recycled eyeglasses. One of her patients was an 18 year old boy who had a very high prescription and had never tried on a pair of glasses. They happened to have a pair of glasses that was very close to his prescription. When she put the glasses on his face, he beamed from ear to ear and said, “I can see!” in Spanish. Since his prescription is extremely high, the glasses need to be made precisely to fit the patient’s face. Glasses will be make with his prescription in the United States and will be send down to him via Peace Health. This type of work is Dr. Baker’s passion. She speaks Spanish and being with a Spanish speaking community allowed her to better serve them. The people that were seen mainly wanted to be able to see well enough to read the Bible and to be able to thread a needle for sewing. They were so appreciative when they received their glasses! Dr. Baker collects glasses in her office to donate to the Lions club where they are cleaned and packaged to send use on vision missions. Please feel free to drop you glasses off at anytime. Donate your used glasses so that others may have the chance to see! Overlake Family Vision is located at 1951 152nd PL NE, #100, Bellevue, WA 98007 at the intersection of Bel-Red and NE 20th (425)638-0700.

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Overlake Family Vision moves to new location in Bellevue

Overlake Family Vision, which has served adults and children on the Eastside since 2001, has moved to a new location at 1951 152nd Pl. NE, Suite 100, Bellevue, at the intersection of Bel-Red Road and Northeast 20th Street. The clinic will hold a grand opening on Thursday June 4, 2015, from 4 to 7:30 p.m. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. and the public is invited to attend to see the clinic’s newest addition to its eyeglass selection, OVVO Optics. Drinks and appetizers will be served and attendees will have a chance to enter a drawing for prizes… Read More


11182179_1024059947604492_7230103423296437546_nHonor Flight 2015

Dr. Baker had the pleasure of participation in Honor Flight on May 1-3, 2015 taking 80 WWII veterans to Washington, DC. The mission of the trip was to take this aging group of veterans to see their memorial. During the weekend, these veterans were thanked and honored for their service. These veterans would otherwise never visit the memorial because of lack of finances or declining mobility due to age. These veterans ranged in age from late 80’s to the eldest on this trip who was 103 years old! This is a privately funded organization and is free to all veterans. You can find out more about it at www.honorflightsandiego.org.

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